Beauty & Bliss

A deep sense of peace washes over me as I enter Beauty & Bliss, formerly Soul Wellness Studio. I'm attending a drop-in yoga class, one of several offered throughout the week. The ambience of the space is unparalleled, with soft music dancing through the air, sweetly scented candles intoxicating my senses, and low lighting creating the perfect glow for a serene setting. 

Owner Misty Shiner has created a space where visitors and locals alike can unwind and let go. Relaxation, self-care, and community are at the heart of Beauty and Bliss. Misty emphasizes that her goal is to create a welcoming space for all, "Even if people want to just come in and read or take a break in a quiet space, they are welcome to. They can enjoy our Communi-Tea Bar, decompress on our sofa, and"

Beauty & Bliss offers something for everyone, including yoga, meditation, reiki, foot zoning, med-spa services, gifts and more. I browse through the boutique before the yoga class begins, finding beautiful jewelry, unique sage bundles, high quality beauty products, and delicious tea blends. Misty sources her products from small businesses across the country, including many local suppliers. "It's important for me to build those partnerships and support small businesses. I am also a small business owner, and I know how vital that sense of community is and what a difference it can make", she shares. 

I slowly make my way into the large yoga and meditation room and settle in. All equipment required is provided by Beauty & Bliss. For this evening's Flow & Restore Yoga we are utilizing mats, pillows, blankets, and bolsters for an effective mental and physical reset after a long day. Tonight's instructor, Mya Boren, speaks calmly and clearly as she guides the class through several poses, encouraging each person to do what feels the best for their mind and body. 

Each team member at Beauty & Bliss is an expert in their respective field. They, along with Misty, are eager to ensure that every guest feels as if they have received that extra bit of pampering and care.

You can also follow their journey on Facebook as they expand and evolve, or visit their website at for a full listing of available classes and events.