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November 13, 2019

Halloween season is the perfect time of year to take a ghost town tour in Southwest Wyoming. Sweetwater County – with its comfortable accommodations, delicious dining and convenient location to a number of abandoned mining settlements – is a great base camp for ghost-towning.

Since there were once more than 130 coal mines operating in Sweetwater County, there are plenty of boomtowns-gone-bust to explore! Please note, many of the roads used to access these sites are rugged, so four-wheel drive vehicles are recommended.

Located about 12 miles west of Green River, Bryan was once the local headquarters and division point of the Union Pacific Railroad. Some building foundations remain for history buffs to explore.

Dines is north of Rock Springs. It once boasted a post office, many homes and even its own baseball team! All that remains of this township today are abandoned mine shafts, rubble and ruins.

Located 23 miles east of Rock Springs, Superior was once a bustling coal mining town of over 3,000 people. Today, there are about 300 friendly and knowledgeable residents who refer to Superior as a “living ghost town.” The old town site has all but vanished, but there are modern-day amenities like five acres of parks, two public restroom facilities, a playground and picnic tables to make your visit comfortable.

Located about five miles northeast of the town of Reliance, Winton was abandoned in the 1950s. The road up to Winton can offer glimpses of the wild horse herds that make their home in Sweetwater County. You’ll also pass the turnoff for the White Mountain Petroglyphs and Killpecker Sand Dunes.

Stansbury was a coal mining camp north of Rock Springs. There was a mining disaster at the Stansbury Coal Mine in 1955, and the town eventually shuttered. At its height, the Stansbury coal camp featured a post office, school, store, medical clinic and a boarding house, in addition to many residential homes.

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