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Coal Train Coffee Depot 

Denise Webster, owner of Coal Train Coffee Depot in both Rock Springs and Green River, greets me as if I were family. Her warm smile, expressive eyes, and kind demeanor are enough to brighten the day of even the weariest traveler. She graciously offers me a freshly brewed cup of coffee (on the house) before we sit down to chat. "We love to start meaningful conversations with our customers. Our interaction with them is what makes us unique, we really try to get to know each person that walks in the door. Where are they coming from? Where are they headed to? What's the best thing that has happened to them this week? It shows that we care, it helps us build a connection, and it makes us a memorable stop on their journey", Denise explains.

Denise opened Coal Train Coffee Depot with the intent of creating a "gathering ground" for people who want to engage in conversation, read, work on their laptops, play games, host a small event, and of course, enjoy a tasty beverage or light meal. Denise and her team have created a welcoming café that truly speaks to the spirit of Wyoming. Relaxed. Hospitable. Intentional.

"Our location in Rock Springs is in the historic Train Depot, this is a place where people would say hellos and goodbyes to loved ones. We embrace that history as part of our business. This is a place for people to connect. Our location in Green River is in the historic Tomahawk Hotel, another place that welcomed travelers from near and far." A train depot and hotel in the past, a delightfully vintage café today, both locations have always had travelers passing through. This is as true now as it was then. Denise had the fun idea to hang a map and pins on the wall at the Rock Springs location, so her valued customers could show where they are from. As it turns out, they are from every corner of the globe.

Denise and her team recognize how privileged they are to serve such a diverse group of people, ensuring every new face that wanders in, in search of refreshment, leaves feeling as if they have been truly seen, heard, and appreciated.

Coal Train Coffee Depot offers monthly drink specials crafted by team member Bethany. The timeless hangout also offers an affordable array of delicious sandwiches, soups, and breakfast foods. The French Dip and BLT are executed perfectly and are sure to please even the pickiest eater, and the Biscuits and Gravy have rave reviews on social media.

This award-winning business is not your typical coffee shop, it's more like a home away from home. A place for all to enjoy, a place to be accepted, and a place to be served with kindness and respect. It is a place for you.

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