Daily Knead

It takes a special person to be a baker, one who must genuinely be passionate about what they do. In the case of Green River's Daily Knead, this passion comes through in the form of mouth-watering flavors and sweet homemade treats. Daily Knead is a true Mom and Pop Shop - or in this case, a true Mom and Son Shop. Loanda and Aaron Slaton are early to rise, opening their bakery at 5:00am Monday through Friday. They bake fresh breads, brittles, cookies, candies, and more daily. You can find their store front downtown or look for their booth at the Farmer's Markets throughout the summer.

Kind and down to earth, this mother and son duo say they, "Saw a need for a local bakery eleven and a half years ago", so, they opened shop. Although they truly appreciate their regulars, they are always excited to see new faces in their bakery.

Be sure to stop in and taste some decadent desserts any time of year, and if you happen to be in the area on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022 you can attend their "Meet a Tiny Dino" event from 2pm-4pm! Daily Knead will be hosting a meet and greet with one of the chickens from which they get their fresh eggs that they both sell and utilize in their baked goods.

You can follow Daily Knead on Facebook or visit them in person at 176 East Flaming Gorge Way.