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WWCC Natural History Museum

Walk with Wyoming’s Giant Dinosaurs

Tens of millions of years before humans shook the ground in Sweetwater County, dinosaurs thundered across Southwest Wyoming. To witness the size and majesty of these earliest residents of the area, you can see five life-size replicas at Western Wyoming Community College in Rock Springs.

Although archaeologists have found fossils of these monsters all over Wyoming, the most prized specimens were taken to the big natural history museums in the east. So in 1989, locals began a fund-raising campaign to return Wyoming’s dinosaurs back to where they first roamed.

Learn more about the dinosaurs that once roamed Sweetwater County with this video.

The WWCC Natural History Museum is the perfect spot for anyone interested in archaeology or geology, displaying a stunning collection of stones and several wall-mounted fossils of fish, palm leaves and reptiles discovered in the area. To learn about the earliest known humans who lived here, feast your eyes on prehistoric pottery, small fossils and other evidence of our ancient ancestors.

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Museum Info

WWCC Natural History Museum
2500 College Ave.
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Phone: 307-382-1600