Grand Teton National Park

Rocky Mountain Scenery at Its Best

As you drive through the plains toward Northwestern Wyoming, Grand Teton National Park unexpectedly appears, taking your breath away. One look, and it’s no wonder why these mountains are some of the most photographed in the world. 

But there is more to this national park than just sky-scraping peaks: explore the crystal-clear Jackson Lake or Jenny Lake; watch the vibrant wildlife; fish on the bending Snake River; and spend hours hiking, biking, kayaking or — in winter — skiing its slopes. 

One visit and it is sure to become a must-return destination.

Things to Do & Visitor Info

Grand Teton National Park charms visitors with endless opportunities to see the real West and all its scenic glory at its best. Among the best experiences:

  • Explore the untrammeled backcountry with a multi-day hike.

  • Soak up the Rocky Mountain sun from the shores of idyllic Jenny Lake.
  • Catch a brown trout in the Snake River.
  • Go sailing on the massive Jackson Lake and take in on-the-water views of the Tetons.
  • Spy moose, elk, bears and possibly a bobcat.
  • Extend your stay for a visit in adjacent Yellowstone National Park.

The official website for Grand Teton National Park offers the most comprehensive visitor info on the park’s camping and lodging, as well as transportation, maps and additional sightseeing ideas.

Must-See Sights on the Way to Grand Teton National Park

En route to Grand Teton National Park, take a break and spend a couple of days in Sweetwater County, Wyoming. You’ll get a taste of the true American West. Learn about our top experiences and must-see sights.