America’s First National Park is Still Its Best

Spanning into areas of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, Yellowstone National Park is America’s first national park (established in 1872). Today it remains one of the most popular to visit and for good reason. Few places combine so many wild attributes into one spot: roaring geysers, huge waterfalls, deep canyons, expansive lakes and unprecedented wildlife including buffalo, elk, moose, bears, wolves and bald eagles. Preserved within Yellowstone National Park, you will find the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone with its signature sight, Lower Falls, as well as Old Faithful and the world's most extensive collection of geysers and hot springs. Witnessing the reliability of Old Faithful with bison watching from a distance is a sight you won’t soon forget.

Things to Do & Visitor Info

Yellowstone National Park offers several unforgettable experiences that can’t be had anywhere else in the world. Among them:

  • Witnessing the every-91-minute eruption of Old Faithful.
  • Watching buffalo among the geyser fields along the Firehole River.
  • Capturing a rainbow in the canyon from the overlook of Lower Falls.
  • Fly fishing for trout underneath the veil of Gibbon Falls.
  • Looking for bears, wolves and elk in the Lamar and Hayden Valleys. 
  • Hiking, camping, enjoying exhibits and films and attending ranger-led programs.

The official website for Yellowstone National Park offers the most comprehensive visitor info on the park’s sightseeing, camping, lodging, roads and more. Visit for your free park trip planner, articles and event listings.

Yellowstone Interactive Map

Use this map to orient yourself to the park. It features details on the developed areas in Yellowstone such as Mammoth, Old Faithful, Yellowstone Lake and many more.

Must-See Sights on the Way to Yellowstone National Park

If you are gearing up for this epic journey, don't miss stopping in Sweetwater County, Wyoming for a taste of the true American West. Experience Lake Flaming Gorge, petroglyphs, fossils and so much more.