South Pass

Discover the Gold Rush

In the mid-1800s, South Pass was swarming with crowds of people scrambling to get their piece of the gold rush. Thankfully, today the crowds are much smaller, so you can have a more intimate experience as you dig in and strike it rich in the area’s history. In this historic mining town, you can even try your luck at gold panning.

About South Pass, Wyoming

Long before the mass move to the West, trappers and traders shared South Pass with Native Americans. But in 1849, when gold was discovered in California, the area became a heavily traveled route for those chasing dreams of gold. And then in 1867, the Carissa Lode was found and the South Pass Gold Rush was on. The short-lived frenzy left a mark on the area, attracting a new kind of gold rush to this day.

Things to Do in South Pass

  • Tour the famous Carissa Mine and experience some gold fever of your own
  • Walk the scenic Flood & Hindle Mining Trail to relive the mining days.
  • Learn about the town and its residents on a guided South Pass City Tour.
  • Come in mid-July for Gold Rush Days to enjoy mining championships, baseball, games, music and more!
  • Hike and bike miles of historic trails in the area.