Off-Roading on the Less-Beaten Path

Something almost magical happens when you hop on an ATV, OHV or other off-road vehicle and forge down the less-beaten path. If you’re passionate about ATVing, off-roading or engaging the four wheel drive in your 4x4, then Sweetwater County is your kind of place.

In Southwest Wyoming and into Utah, you will have your pick of trails no matter what level rider you may be or how long of a ride you want to take. If you prefer stunning views of a shimmering high-desert lake, there’s no place like the Flaming Gorge area. But if you really want to catch some air, head to the Killpecker Sand Dunes for some high-flying sandy fun.

Some Basic Laws, Rules and Tips to Know for ATVing and OHVing

  • Wear your helmet. Riders and passengers under age 18 are required by law, but everyone should wear a helmet. Worn properly, it won’t restrict your vision or hearing, and it can also help cut windblast. But most importantly, it can save your life.
  • Wear gloves, abrasion-resistant clothing and over-the-ankle boots.
  • Youth ages 8-15 must possess an OHV certificate to operate an OHV on public land.
  • Ride only on designated routes and areas open to OHVs.
  • Ride in single file on the right side of the road.
  • Watch for oncoming traffic, especially on blind curves or in dips and crests of hills.
  • It is illegal to drive an OHV while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • A red or orange “whip flag” must be attached to OHVs when riding in sand dune areas.
  • Lights must be used sunset to sunrise.
  • Be sure your brakes control and stop your OHV.
  • Mufflers with an approved spark arrestor are required on all OHVs (snowmobiles don’t require spark arrestors).

Apply for an OHV permit online, by mail or in person at authorized vendor locations and at a few locations in surrounding states. When applying in person, please bring the following:

  • Proof of residency (driver’s license or other state-issued identification)
  • Proof of ownership (title or current registration or bill of sale)
  • $15 for each machine