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Water Sports

Aquatic Adventures

Boating on Lake Flaming Gorge

For boaters, Lake Flaming Gorge offers just about everything you could ask for: scenic wonder, hidden coves to explore, open waters without the crowds and plenty of docking options. Whether you are into sailing, motorboating, houseboating, jetskiing or canoeing, the lake is a veritable playground.

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Kayaking, Rafting, Canoeing & Tubing on the Green River 

When it comes to really chilling out in Sweetwater County, the Green River is the best place to go. Winding through the stunning Southwest Wyoming landscape, this mighty river offers something fun at every bend for kayaking, rafting, canoeing and tubing. If you don't have your own kayaking or tubing gear, visit White Mountain Rentals to pick up the essentials for your adventure. Plains Tire also has tubes for purchase.

Here are some of its most accessible spots:

In the heart of the city of Green River, the Green River Whitewater Park and Tubing Channel offers a little bit of everything. From the challenging rapids to the gentle wading pools, river-goers can wade, swim, tube or take the plunge on up to four-foot drops. Advanced kayakers are known for taking on the southern channel, where Castle Falls churns. For longer floats, drop a raft, kayak or canoe in at Jamestown just upstream from Green River, and meander down to take out at the whitewater park.

And what would a wet-and-wild Green River adventure be without some time at the Splash Park? Located in Evers Park adjacent to Expedition Island, this free public park offers six different motion-activated water features, giving you the perfect way to beat the summer heat.

For a wilder, more lush experience, head off the beaten path to Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge. Here, kayakers and canoeists have a unique opportunity to spy moose, trumpeter swan, migratory waterfowl, beavers and even the occasional river otter. Anglers also frequent the area to cast their lines in prime trout habitat.

Rafting & Kayaking Guide to Green River

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