5 Off-the-Beaten-Path Attractions

Experience Wyoming's Wild Side

Sweetwater County, Wyoming is home to some of the most popular Wyoming attractions including Lake Flaming Gorge, Killpecker Sand Dunes, the Wild Horses of Pilot Butte and more. But it’s also home to some lesser-known gems that you won’t want to miss during your next Wyoming trip.

1. Boar’s Tusk

Whether you are a geologist at heart or just looking for a unique adventure, you won’t want to miss Boar’s Tusk. The core of an ancient volcano, Boar’s Tusk stands 400-feet high. This striking rock formation is located in the middle of the desert, just outside the Killpecker Sand Dunes. To top it off, it’s one of only two such geological features across Wyoming. Learn more about Boar’s Tusk and other little-known rock formations.

Getting There: In your four-wheel-drive vehicle, travel north on U.S. 191 from Rock Springs. Turn right at Sweetwater County Road 4-18, and then turn left at CR 4-17 (Tri-Territory Road). Map it. 

2. South Pass, Wyoming

South Pass, Wyoming embodies the historical gold rush. The town was once heavily traveled by crowds of people searching for gold. Today, the town is much less crowded, and you can experience the American Gold Rush a little more intimately. Try your luck at gold panning, tour the famous Carissa Mine, or walk the scenic Flood & Hindle Mining trail to relive the mining days. 

Getting There: From Rock Springs, take U.S. 191 north. Turn onto WY-28 East (follow the signs for Lander). Map it.

3. Eden Valley, Wyoming

The small town of Eden Valley, Wyoming brings out travelers’ inner pioneers. This is a great lesser-known town full of history and incredible vistas. Mainly a farming and ranching community today, Eden Valley once served as a gateway to the West, welcoming travelers across the Mormon and Oregon trails. Rough it on a camping and fishing trip near Big Sandy Reservoir or on a hiking and biking trip over the historic trails. And be sure to stop by the famous Farson Mercantile for some ice cream, food and gifts!

Getting There: Travel north on U.S. 191 from Rock Springs, and then exit 1st South Road in Eden. Map it.

4. Reliance Tipple

Located near Rock Springs, Wyoming, there is no excuse for missing the historical Reliance Tipple. Visit this landmark and take a self-guided tour to get a sense of turn-of-the-century coal mining practices. Built in the early 20th century, the town of Reliance, Wyoming handled a massive amount of coal. Experience the spirit of the old mining town that still lingers around the Reliance Tipple.

Getting There: From Rock Springs, take U.S. 191 about three miles north of Rock Springs, and then turn east on Reliance Road. Take this road for two miles and you’ll see it! Map it.

5. Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge

Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge offers more than 26,000 acres of wide-open space for you to explore. Located between Fontenelle Dam and Green River, it’s a major birding, wildlife watching, fishing and hunting attraction. However, you can always pave your own route — the entire refuge is open for walking, and there are also a number of driving routes throughout the refuge. Keep your eyes open for historic sites as well!

Getting There: Head west on I-80 to the LaBarge State Highway 372 north, and go about 28 miles to the refuge headquarters turnoff. Map it.

Sweetwater County, Wyoming offers many off-the-beaten-path attractions that you won’t want to miss on your next Wyoming road trip. Check out more attractions and activities to start planning your Wyoming vacation today!