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Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge

Explore Nature This Summer

Stretching along 36 miles of the Green River in southwest Wyoming, you'll discover Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge. Not only is this 27,230-acre refuge home for migrating birds and a variety of animals, it is also a historical crossing for pioneers and nomadic Native American tribes. For those who haven't had the pleasure of visiting this scenic sanctuary, it is a dream landscape for outdoor enthusiasts, history buffs and photographers. 

Things to Do at Seedskadee

Guests to the refuge will be pleasantly surprised by the numerous winter activities available on-site. Seedskadee is famous for its birding and Gold Medal fishing, but did you know you can also ride horses and ATVs, hunt, camp and so much more? You can also view exhibits, take a class, or use viewing scopes at the Visitor's and Environmental Education Center.

Winter Wildlife at Seedskadee

Each season brings new temperatures, influencing changes to the wildlife and plants and making each visit unique. During winter, this panoramic area is particularly breathtaking and becomes the perfect home for arctic rough-legged hawks, as well as migratory birds like rosy-finches, waterfowl and trumpeter swans. Many visit throughout winter just to see the big game mammals, such as elk, moose, pronghorn antelope and white-tailed deer. If you're vigilant, you may even see well-hidden creatures like great horned owls or river otters. Learn more about the wildlife seasons in Seedskadee

Seedskadee is open daily except for scheduled protective closings and holidays, so it's easy to see why thousands of nature-lovers and sportsmen alike venture to the region year-round. Planning your visit is simple and well worth the short drive from your base camp in Green River or Rock Springs

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