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Top Places to the See Stars

View the Milky Way from Sweetwater County

Constellations twinkle into view as your eyes adjust under Wyoming’s dark and endless skies. Whether you are an avid stargazer or someone who has never seen the Milky Way, stargazing in Wyoming’s Rock Springs or Green River is a profound experience unlike any other. Discover our night skies with these top places to see the stars.

Exploring Flaming Gorge Country

Have you ever stargazed surrounded by 42,000 acres of serene waters? Lake Flaming Gorge is located in the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, a wilderness sanctuary offering recreation opportunities from fishing to hiking and much more. Visitors can find some of the darkest skies in Southwest Wyoming here, perfect for getting a glimpse of the Milky Way.

Take a night drive along the Flaming Gorge Scenic Byway. You'll see a variety of landscapes to complement the night skies. Stop along one of many overlooks such as the Firehole Canyon Overlook or Clay Basin Overlook. Here you can practice your astrophotography or just pause to soak it all in. 

For a one-of-a-kind experience, try stargazing from the deck of a boat. Campsites such as the Firehole Canyon Campground have docks if you want to bring your own boat. This site is conveniently located just 30 miles from Rock Springs. If you choose to rent a boat, head farther south to the Lucerne Valley Marina. This is the only marina in the recreation area that offers houseboat rentals for overnight boating. Relax on the lake’s expansive waters as you look for shooting stars in the night sky.

Camping Under the Milky Way

One of the best parts about camping is being able to see the stars. And while there are many campgrounds to choose from, you’ll want to pick one with the least light pollution. Here are three camping options out of reach from city lights. These sites have primitive facilities, so make sure to pack appropriately and follow Leave No Trace principles:

Little Mountain Disbursed Camp (50 miles from Rock Springs)

The Little Mountain camping area is managed by the Bureau of Land Management and is a refuge for wildlife and outdoor recreationists. Badlands, aspens and pines create a picturesque setting to camp out and view the stars. Look for distant planets with clear skies 75% of the days.

Big Sandy Reservoir Recreation Area (54 miles from Rock Springs)

The Big Sandy Reservoir Recreation Area is another beautiful location for spotting your favorite constellations. The area has vast, dark skies and low use. Here, you’ll enjoy open landscapes, a quiet reservoir and miles of visibility. 

Slate Creek Campground (67 miles from Rock Springs)

Just north of the Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge is the Slate Creek Campground managed by the Bureau of Land Management. The campground is popular for fishing and birding, but its minimal light pollution makes it a great place for stargazing along the Green River.

Driving to Wamsutter

If you don’t want to worry about packing and planning for a night outdoors, here’s another way to view Wyoming’s starry skies. Take a nighttime adventure and start driving east from Rock Springs. As you move away from bright city lights and toward Wamsutter, notice as the skies darken and more and more stars appear. Consider booking a room in Wamsutter if you want to prolong your stargazing experience.

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